How do you clean beauty implements and makeup brushes?

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Imagine using the same brush on your face for months on end without ever cleaning it. You never know what kind of microorganisms could be lurking underneath the bristles. It is not a pleasant thought. We spend so much trying to take care of our skin that it only makes sense to only allow clean beauty implements and makeup brushes to come in contact with it.

Every two weeks one should make it habit to take out all beauty implements and makeup brushes from storage containers and clean them. This is really important if you want to preserve the quality of your brushes. Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly helps keep your makeup fresh and free from dirt and bacteria. It removes skin oils and old, oxidized colors that cling on the brushes after every use and may cause breakouts on the skin. Remember to also include hair brushes, combs, nail tools, pencil sharpeners and tweezers in the cleaning process as well. By following these simple steps below your brushes will look brand new again. It's simple, it's easy and it only takes fifteen minutes.

What You Need:

1. A plastic container. (I got mine at the 99C Store.)

2. Paper towels or cloth towels for drying.

3. A clean sink.

4. Soap.


1. Pre-clean beauty implements with regular soap and water. Notice that I also included my compact powder sponge.

2. Lay them out on a towel to dry. Make sure that the makeup brushes are positioned with the handles pointing upward so that the water will not weaken the glue that bonds the bristles together.

3. Purchase a plastic container like this one. (I got mine at the 99c store.) Fill it up with water all the way to the first line.

4. Go to your local beauty supply store and ask if they have a disinfectant that can be used on salon tools or equipment. I found Hydrox at Sally Beauty Supply store for only $3.99. Pretty good price for a 16 oz. bottle. The price seems to be higher on their website though. You can also get it at for only $2.47.

5. Dilute an ounce of the Hydrox in the water. Soak your beauty implements in the solution for 10 minutes.

6. Rinse well and let air dry. Remember to position your brushes with the handles pointing upward. If you need to use your brushes right away, you can use a hair dryer and put it at a low heat setting. This will dry your brushes quickly.


1. Soak your hair brushes and combs separately as they tend to be dirtier and take up more space.

2. You can also use brush cleaning spray in between makeup sessions such as the Glo Brush Cleaner. Just spritz on the brush and rub the brush against a paper towel or tissue to get rid of the buildup.

Clean beauty tools = clear skin! Plus, makeup application will be much more flawless because you don't have all those products and colors mixing together on one single brush.

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